Name Leäa - Meaning of the origin

Name Leäa - Meaning of the origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Leäa is a variant of Léa. It comes from the Hebrew name "Le'ah" which means "tired". However, in the same language, it can also mean "gazelle" or "wild cow".


Léa François is an actress of French origin.
Lea Michele is an American actress and singer.
Leah Remini is an American actress.
Léa Declercq is a French footballer.
Léa Castel is a French singer-songwriter.
The Leäa are celebrated on the same day as Saint Leah. She was a noble Roman lady and a fervent admirer of St. Jerome. When her husband died, she entered a monastery in Ostia, where she later became the mother superior.

His character :

Leäa is an emotional and sensitive girl. Gifted with great intuition and exceptional receptivity, she is charming. She is an idealist who seeks to find meaning in her life.
Hyperemotive, Leäa seeks to live as intensively as possible. A routine life does not suit him, and it will privilege a life filled with fantasy. For her, life is a theater, and everyone must give the best possible representation to be happy.


Leah, Lee, Lhea and Leha.

His party :

The Leäa are celebrated on March 22nd.

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