Name Henrick - Meaning and origin

Name Henrick - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Henrick is a derivative of the first name Henri. It is composed of the Germanic words "haimaz" which means "house", "home", "home" or "family" or "nation"; and "riks" which means "rich", "powerful" or "king".


Henrik Harlaut is an acrobatic skier of Swedish origin.
Henri Gabriel Salvador was a French singer and comedian.
Henry Ford was an American industrialist and the founder of automaker Ford.
Paul Henric Dornonville of La Cour, better known as Henric de la Cour, is a singer-songwriter, singer and musician of Swedish origin.
Enric Miralles Moya is an architect of Catalan origin.
The Henricks are celebrated on the same day as Saint Henri. In the eleventh century, Saint Henry was the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. During his reign, he was a fervent protector of the Church.

His character :

Henrick is an open, jovial and friendly boy. Very hospitable, he shows a great enthusiasm that often turns to exuberance. Despite this, he inspires sympathy from the first glance. Brilliant and with a strong personality, he shows great intelligence, ease of speech and speed of understanding and action. He does not hesitate to use his charm to seduce others to get what he wants. He is a real teaser, he shines in society and draws all eyes on him. Loving interest, he has a strong tendency to exaggerate to amuse his audience and to monopolize the attention.


Henri, Henry, Enric, Henric, Henrik, Henrio, Henriot and Henrius.

His party :

The Henricks are celebrated on July 13th.

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