Your child, it's not you

Your child, it's not you

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Your child enters a small kindergarten section. Here it is in the world of the big ones which returns you ... to your own school path. Yes, no one escapes!

It will therefore be necessary to plunge you into a true bath of youth to forget the bad Madame Preuvepardix who has so often sent you to the corner. So your child is not you and you have to give him every chance to succeed in school without turning it into a place of all virtues.

At school, we learn and have fun, we make knowledge and ... efforts.

This is not the boss of the playground!

And where is the problem? As long as he is not the scapegoat, everything is fine. Come on, little dive into this world of troublemakers. At first, small section, they are rather alone. Everyone in his corner, communication, that can be learned. And then, comes the time of the small bands and, there, the leader imposes itself.

Who is the leader? A kind, sociable child, capable of cordial relations with his peers. Often leader also in class, it is accepted by all because it breathes cohesion into the group and allows the blow to the same group to work well.

In elementary, groups split up and children organize themselves in pairs or small groups with more individualized relationships to express their personality.

Carole Renucci

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