A "Distilbène grandson" compensated 1.7 million euros

A "Distilbène grandson" compensated 1.7 million euros

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The Court of Appeal of Versailles yesterday condemned the group UCB Pharma to pay 1.7 million euros in damages to a "grandson" Distilbène, recognizing the link between the taking of this drug by his grand- mother and her disability. (News of the 09/06/11)

  • 1.7 million euros. This is the sum that the UCB Pharma laboratory will have to pay to Louis "distilbène grandson", who is severely handicapped, as well as to his family.
  • The Court of Appeal of Versailles has indeed estimated that the exposure to the Distilbène of the mother of Louis was responsible for his very premature delivery which itself directly explains the major handicap suffered by the boy born in 1990, said his lawyer.
  • The appeals courtl was also to decide on the case of another girl born very premature in 1995, but the decision was postponed, pending the conclusions of an expert assessment ordered in another procedure.

An effect up to the 3rd generation

  • Last April, a team of French researchers published the results of a study demonstrating the harmful transgenerational effect of Distilbene, up to the third generation.


  • Distilbene is a synthetic hormone prescribed in France between 1950 and 1977 to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages, the risk of prematurity and treat hemorrhages of pregnancy. Its harmfulness has been established in children exposed in utero, especially in girls.

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