Sleep and pregnancy: all you need to know

Sleep and pregnancy: all you need to know

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Pregnant sleep is not always easy! Fat fatigue the first months, backache, cramps, insomnia related to the fear of childbirth. Discover our sleep tips for your pregnancy.

Pregnant: solutions to sleep problems

Drowsiness, awakenings at night, fatigue when you wake up ... since you are pregnant, you have problems sleeping. These disorders are part of the ills of pregnancy and, if they are never serious, they can spoil your daily life. Our solutions to better manage your sleep.

Our sleep tips.

Pregnant, what position to sleep?

How to succeed to spend good nights with your belly which rounds more and more? Which position is it the most comfortable? Is it dangerous for your future baby to sleep on your stomach? As many questions as you ask about your sleep. Carole Mata, midwife, answers.

The answers of a midwife.

Why nightmares pregnant?

Is your sleep interspersed with unusual dreams? Do they leave you perplexed in the morning? With the arrival of your baby, a procession of interrogations can agitate you. And this situation is quite common.

Bad dreams ...

Sleeping on pregnant belly is dangerous?

"During pregnancy, is it dangerous to sleep on your stomach?" Anna Roy, a liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Clem's question.

The answer of the expert.

Sleep: Foods nudges

To sleep well, it is important to focus on foods that will boost the production of melatonin, sleep hormone, help you relax ... here are food nuggets to sleep like a baby, or almost, during these nine months.

My allies sleep.

Sleep: Are you groundhog or insomniac?

Fat fatigue the first three months, insomnia last three ... the hormonal upheaval - but also psychological - during pregnancy plays you maybe turns at night! The explanations and advice of our specialists.

What sleeper are you?

5 tips to sleep better

Fat fatigue, yawning and difficulty sleeping in the first trimester, dreams and nightmares in the second, embarrassed by your belly to sleep in the 3rd trimester ... the sleep of future moms is not easy. Our advice to sleep better.

Good night !

Sleep: is it helpful to change pregnant bedding?

No, you do not need special bedding, special SGB (Super Big Bottle), but if you plan to change the mattress, choose one that respects your curves and keeps your back properly. Our advices.

Bedding: I make the right choice!

Want a nap!

The first trimester of pregnancy, it is not uncommon to have an irrepressible - and permanent - desire to sleep. Pregnant, your body is put to the test and rest is your greatest ally. Welcome to Sieste-Ville!

Napping, 100% good!

Cramps, annoying for sleep

Pregnancy problems include nausea, feeling of heavy legs ... and cramps! Less known but just as unpleasant, especially at night. Quick, know what to do!

Good remedies.

When sleep is troubled by the fear of childbirth

Fear of suffering, losing the pedals, fear of the unknown ... a classic feeling as we approach the great day of childbirth. Here are some keys to exorcise it.

Keys to better understand

And your future baby: his sleep

What does your baby's sleep look like? This is probably one of the questions you ask yourself during these nine months. Especially from the moment you start to feel it moving ... not always when you sleep.

The fetus, a big sleeper.