Who are the new mothers courage?

Who are the new mothers courage?

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In France, 30% of women who raise their children alone live on less than € 950 a month. Claire Lajeunie and Julie Zwobada were interested in the career of these women, "The new mothers courage", in a documentary not to be missed, broadcast on France 3 in 2012.

Women, raising their children alone, are among the French hard hit by the crisis. In France, 30% of them live with resources inferior to 950 € per month. Condemned to live with less than necessary, sometimes cumulating precarious jobs, not having access to childcare for their children ... they lead a daily struggle for their children to eat, go to school, smile ... This are these women who filmed Claire Lajeunie and Julie Zwobada, realizing for France 3 this documentary with the indisputable title: The new mothers courage.

When an accident of life shifts everything

  • Dismissal, accident, separation, illness, etc. Each of the women discovered in this documentary, experienced one or more of these events that can turn an existence into a permanent struggle. Isabelle, divorced, a son still dependent, was left without income after an accident at work. Leaving a violent companion, Janique lost her home, condemned to live in a tent with her young children.

More than 1.6 million single-parent families in France today

  • In France, the number of compound families a living parent who has no spouse with at least one child under the age of 18, has doubled since the beginning of the 1980s, reaching 1.6 million in 2008 (source: INSEE).
  • More than 30% of people living in single-parent families face poverty.
  • Against 13% for the entire French population. Knowing that about 85% of single-parent families are headed by women, the impoverishment of single mothers is significant.

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