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What grandma's remedies to improve baby sleep?

What grandma's remedies to improve baby sleep?

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Your little one is having trouble sleeping? As a result, he is particularly tired, irritable and restless during the day. Rest assured, simple grandmother's remedies can soothe baby before going to sleep. Result? His nights are calm and serene!

Grandma's Remedy # 1 for a baby to sleep peacefully: the bedtime ritual

  • To prepare your baby for a good night's sleep, the bedtime ritual is essential. Ideally, baby should feel relaxed and serene before going to sleep. For that, think of the ritual of the lullaby, the rhyme or why not the little book of the evening. Of course, baby is still a little young to really care about the course of the story that you read him but be sure that the melody and the rhythm of your voice will calm him instantly. If during this little accomplice ritual you press against him, he will feel the beatings of your heart. This sweet and comforting sound calm baby like magic! Do not forget the hug and the kiss of the evening. Surrounded by love, care and tenderness, baby will sleep more easily.

Grandma's Remedy # 2: Ensure Baby's Comfort

  • It is important to meet all the conditions necessary for a good sleep. To sleep well, baby should be neither too hot nor too cold. Also, make sure the temperature of your room is between 18 and 20 ° C. Similarly, the humidity of the baby room plays a role in the quality of his sleep. Too low humidity (30% or less) makes the air too dry and may eventually irritate the throat and lungs of your baby. On the contrary, too high humidity (above 65%) is conducive to the development and spread of viruses and microbes. As much as possible, make sure that the baby's humidity is between 50 and 55%. Finally, take advantage of the fact that your child is not in his room to air the room: 20 min a day minimum will be necessary to purify and clean the air.

Grandma's remedy # 3: bet on orange blossom

  • Thanks to this grandmother's remedy, baby will have a serene and restful sleep. The orange blossom is, indeed, known for its calming and soothing virtues. To do this, take care to respect the dosage: 4 drops of organic orange blossom (no more) in about 120 ml of milk or water. This preparation can be given to baby at 4 months, about 1 hour before going to sleep.

Grandmother Remedy # 4: Massage baby before bedtime

  • This grandma's remedy is great for relaxing baby's small body while calming his mind. Place your cabbage on your bed, making sure you are not disturbed, then gently massage it with emphasis on your arms, legs and feet. To complete this moment of well-being, do not hesitate to put a music conducive to relaxation.

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