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Can I continue to breastfeed?

Can I continue to breastfeed?

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Is it a problem to continue breastfeeding your elder when you are pregnant again? How to relieve her breasts after stopping breastfeeding? Answers with "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

Can I continue to breastfeed?

  • Aurélie's question: "I'm mother of a 6-month-old baby that I have been breastfeeding since I was born, I just learned that I was pregnant again, I wanted to know if it was a problem, if I had to stop breastfeeding. my son, Casimir? "
  • You can continue breastfeeding safely for your little Casimir or for yourself. Milk does not lose its value when you are pregnant, but its taste changes (it becomes saltier) and the baby can then refuse the breast or have an attitude that shows that he felt that there is something new. The amount of milk may slightly decrease but as it is time to diversify the diet, your baby will have enough to eat.

I have breast pain after stopping breastfeeding

  • Tamara's question: "My daughter is 16 months old and I stopped breastfeeding, she takes very little milk, which bothers me, and makes me feel guilty, I think I should not have stopped. hurt breasts that are swollen, painful, I tried cold compresses but that does not matter, thank you for helping me! "
  • You have made the decision to stop, it is your decision and that of your couple, you do not have to feel guilty. Your daughter shows that this new situation does not please him, it's normal. It's a step for her (and for you). Gradually, your daughter will accept to drink milk by the cup or in a bowl (for example in the morning with instant cereals). In addition she has in the day other sources of calcium: yogurts, cheeses, etc.
  • You can relieve your breasts either by the cold by putting ice in a cloth (the compresses are insufficient); either by warm with warm compresses or by putting the breast into a bowl of hot water by leaning over it. Another possibility is to use green clay as a poultice: spread on the breast (without putting on the nipple), leave for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse with water. Do not be discouraged, little by little, everything will return to order.

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