Name Étiennette - Meaning and origin

Name Étiennette - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

"Étiennette" is the feminine variant of the name of Greek origin "Étienne" meaning "crowned".


Etiennette Muse, film editor renowned in the film industry, has participated in the credits of the work "The salary of fear" Henri-Georges Clouzot (1953).
Visual artist and art teacher Louise Etiennette Sidonie Henderson.

His character :

Guided by her emotions, Étiennette systematically tends to fall back on herself in the face of the difficulties of life. This sensitive woman is especially noted for the duality of his character. Most often, she is friendly, outgoing, selfless and empathic. During her bad days, however, she displays the features of a lonely and discreet person giving free rein to his cynicism. This original woman also has an uncommon critical spirit that makes her particularly insightful and virulent. Generally idealistic, Étiennette has an unshakeable faith in humanity. However, this position often exposes him to great disappointments shaking his beliefs and self-esteem. Her confident side can even make her passive and submissive until she becomes dependent on others.

During her childhood, Étiennette presents herself as a timid, impressionable and fragile girl. It therefore needs a safe environment filled with good vibrations to truly flourish. The parents of this anguished girl must also prevent him from plunging into his dreams during difficult times. On the other hand, her great emotivity and her tendency to flee problems give her a predisposition to run away. Ultimately, Etiennette's loved ones must continually keep an eye on her to help her face the trials of life by covering her with affection.


Étienne, Étienette, Etiennette and Etienette.

His party :

The Étiennettes are honored on December 26 and January 2.

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