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Nature ... a real source of inspiration for the name of your future baby! Loris, Mélissa, Lenaïc, Ferréol, Fleur ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty names.

First names: the file


  • Male first name.
  • Loris is the Dutch form of Laurent, from Latin laurus, "laurel". Located mainly in Rhône-Alpes, this name surfs on the wave of names in "is" as Joris. He easily distanced Laurent, fallen into disuse since his success in the early 70s. St. Lawrence of Rome, martyred in 258, was the deacon of Pope St. Sixtus II.
  • His party : August 10th.
  • Its derivatives: Lorenzo, Laurentin, Lorenz ...


  • Female first name.
  • From the Greek "melissa", the bee. Melissa is a name known since ancient times, it was that of a nymph, daughter of the king of Crete, Mellisso. Melissa raised Zeus, the king of the gods, and fed him with honey. Melissa remained for a long time a given name especially in Italy then in England. In France, this name was a great success following the song of Julien Clerc in 1984.
  • His party : November 10th.
  • Its derivative: Mélyssa.

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