Name Ilario - Meaning and origin

Name Ilario - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Italians, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The name Ilario is the Italian form of Hilaire. This one is from the Latin hilaris meaning "happy".


Ilario Calvo is an Italian actor and columnist known for his portrayal of Luca di Montezemolo in Ron Howard's Rush.
Ilario Rossi teaches political science and development at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne.
Ilario Magali is a photographer of international renown.
Ilario Vinciguerra is an undisputed Italian chef. His culinary skills are recognized internationally.

His character :

The name Ilario depicts a cheerful, enthusiastic and willing personality. With an adventurous spirit, this lover of life loves to travel and discover new cultures. Always in a good mood, Ilario conveys his joy of living to those around him. Optimistic by nature, he looks for the good in each individual and in every situation. It goes without saying that Ilario has an excellent relationship with his family.
Eager to please others, Ilario is also a pretty person who values ​​his look. He hates, however, flattery and compliments. He just likes to catch the eyes of pretty women and arouse their admiration. It is easy to guess the reason, because this dynamic man has a Donjuanesque inclination.
On a professional level, Ilario stands out for its charisma and dynamism. With his intelligence and insight, he will climb the ladder and quickly reach the peak of his career. With a natural authority, Ilario has the makings of a leader and will lead his team to victory.



His party :

Ilario is honored every January 13th.

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