BCBG names: Alix, Leopoldine, Enguerrand, Sixtine, Edgar ...

BCBG names: Alix, Leopoldine, Enguerrand, Sixtine, Edgar ...

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Are you looking for a "classy" first name for your future baby? Draw ideas. Alix, Leopoldine, Enguerrand, Sixtine, Edgar ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty names.

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  • First name mixed.
  • Derived from Adélaïde, himself from Adèle, which comes from the German "adal", which means noble.
  • This name, however old, never really came out in France. He has often been considered, as in England, as an equivalent of Alice. Still little given today, Alix is ​​a mixed first name mostly addressed to girls.
  • Blessed Alix-le-Clerc, born at the end of the 16th century into a wealthy Vosges family, decided to devote herself to God and founded with Saint Pierre Fourier a congregation, the Chanoinesses of Notre-Dame, dedicated to the free education of girls.
  • His party : January 9th.


  • Female first name.
  • Germain "liut", the people, and "bald", audacious, brave.
  • Feminine of the name Leopold, Léopoldine is especially the eldest daughter of Victor Hugo, whose premature death inspired the poem Tomorrow at dawn ...
  • In the twelfth century, Saint Leopold was called the father of the poor, it is the patron saint of Austria.
  • His party : November 15th.
  • Its derivatives: Leo, Leopolda, Poldie, Polde.

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