Name Hyacinthe - Meaning and origin

Name Hyacinthe - Meaning and origin

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The name Hyacinthe comes from the Greek "hyacinthos" which translates as "hyacinth".


Musicologist and sociologist, Hyacinthe Ravet is a lecturer at the Sorbonne University in Paris. She is also the author of the book "Musiciennes: investigation on women and music".

His character :

Under calm airs, Hyacinthe is a pretty nervous and complex woman at first sight. Very original person, she wants to know everything. Endowed with a critical and analytical mind, she can easily become skeptical. Often eccentric, it can seem weird and incomprehensible. Because of her uneasy nature, she is in great need of support and comfort. She is quite subjective, and perceives the outside world through her own vision. Gifted, efficient and clever, she knows how to maliciously capture the attention of those around her. She sometimes tends to rush into what she thinks is good for her. As a child, her parents must make sure that she does not always remain locked in on herself. It will have to develop its creativity and sociability. Despite the fact that she prefers tranquility and calm, she likes to have fun and go out with her family. Quite complicated, we find in her a mixture of introversion and extraversion. Secret and enigmatic in nature, she is basically a simple being who only wants to be understood. Sociable, affectionate and dynamic, Hyacinthe seems to have a very personal vision of the world.


Jacinth, Hiacinth, Jacinth and Jacynth.

His party :

The party for people bearing the name Hyacinthe is scheduled for August 17.

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