Name Louis - Meaning and origin

Name Louis - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From old German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, Hlodwig became Ludwig and in free Clovis, before turning into Louis.
First reserved for kings, it is democratized since the seventeenth century and is increasingly attributed.


Do you like names full of history? Think of Louis! Eighteen kings of France took this name.
For the anecdote, the "louis" of gold owes its name to King Louis XIII who had a coin stamped with his effigy and Louisiana, former French possession in the United States, was named in honor of Louis XIV.

The French scientist, chemist and physicist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), known for his discovery of the vaccine against rabies, the French inventor Louis Braille (1809-1852), inventor of braille for the blind, French actors Louis de Funès , Louis Jouvet and Louis Garrel, the American musician Louis Armstrong, the French poet Louis Aragon, the director and inventor of the cinematographer Louis Lumière, the French writer Louis Pergaud, the French singers Louis Bertignac and Louis Chédid ...

The patron saint of the Louis, King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis (1215-1270), was a model of charity and courage. He died on a crusade in Tunis in 1270.

His character :

Louis is a go-getter! Dynamic, he struggles to stay in place and needs new projects to feel good. Generous by nature, he is also very sociable and has a great sense of family. In love with nature, he sometimes needs to be alone. Pragmatic and quick-witted, he has all the assets for great success.


Luis, Lounis, Alois, Clovis, Gino, Lewis Lewie, Lewis, Lloyd, Louie, Ludvig, Ludwig, Ludwik, Luigi, Luis, Luiz, Lois, Louys, Luiz, Louniss, Lunis

His party :

His birthday: August 25th.

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