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The female name of German origin "Hilda" is commonly translated as "battle" or "the victorious".
In Nordic mythology, "Hilda" is a variant of "Hildegard", the name of one of the valkyries escorting fallen warriors to the gates of Valhalla.


The actresses Hilda Simms and Hilda Braid.
Hilda Von Puttkammer, fencing champion wearing the colors of Brazil during the 1936 Olympic Games.
The American Democrat Hilda Lucia Solis.

His character :

In general, Hilda presents herself as a seductive and refined person. Charming and rather reserved, it has an atypical elegance and exudes an irresistible aura. Because of her slightly haughty side, she is very selective in the choice of her associates. Indeed, this proud woman prefers by far the loneliness to a circle of uninteresting friends. Moreover, this anguished character likes to complicate life and often embarks on radical questioning. However, this attitude inevitably leads him to further increase his usual torments. Cerebral and hyperemotional, Hilda likes to isolate herself regularly to protect herself from the aggressions of the world.

Since her early childhood, Hilda lacks spontaneity and is unable to show affection. This worried person also has trouble communicating. As a result, she is content to repress her feelings and display a detached air instead of expressing the depths of her thought. Although she likes to do difficult, Hilda has a sense of listening to compensate for all her faults. In addition, she knows how to be attentive and particularly kind towards her family. Despite her unmanageable temperament, she ultimately represents a truly precious friend.


Hylda, Hilde, Hildy and Hildie.

His party :

The Hilda are honored on November 17th.

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